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For decades Atelier Mock has developed  an increasing spectrum of diverse and independent technics. Together with the conventional technics Atelier Mock created a contemporary, classic and elaborate interior in hotel and spa resorts, restaurants, housing spaces, pools, facades, business premises and public buildings.

Being an artist and designer there might be only the goal to work out concepts that will satisfy your demands  or that will highlight new possibilities for you. Atelier Mock has constantly evolved by conceptual work and by using different material.

Atelier Mock not only uses eco-friendly colors but also works with other materials like gold, platinum, glass, stainless steel and further items depending on the objectives.

Please describe your expectations or express your wishes. And we will develop a customized concept. Of course we will also prepare a draft.

It is our goal to inspire you and to fulfil your desires.

By working with a picturesque arrangement of the interior space using one of the many techniques like Trompe l´Oeil we will reach a deception of the eyes or another perception of the space or the facade.

Looking at our works you will learn that we are committed to more than one area.